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Sometimes it's Hard to move on
I've been heartbroken beyond belief. My boyfriend of 4 years(from freshman year to senior year) lived with me for two years and then started acting strange and broke up with me...Here are some things NOT to do if you want your ex back...the opposite of everything I did. 1.)Don't call him over and over again! It only pisses him off and makes him want to ignore you. DON'T BE CLINGY. Things that used to make him happy, like the hugging in public and kissing, don't spark that flame and just make him uncomfortable. 2.)Be civil, but don't let the fact your hurt show too much. Let him know you're hurting, but don't drive in it 24/7. It will make him feel smoothered and trapped. 3.)Don't act jealous, as much as you want to kill the tramp he works with that won't stop calling him....ignore it. If he wants to be with her and leave you...IT'S HIS LOSS! 4.) Avoid arguments before you leave each other. Especially if you won't see each other for long periods of time during the day. This gives him time to think about the fight you had and makes him forget about missing you...wrong idea! Just be yourself and if he wants you back..he'll come back, if not...IT'S HIS LOSS!!!!!!!!!!

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