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Easy Tips to Make Her Love Kissing You
Ok, so here are some really good tips/warnings to help make your girl get really into the kiss Start off slow and sweet before you really start kissing her. And if things get too hot, slow things down or move to a different spot. Girls love it when you kiss their neck. Just place gentle kisses, maybe lightly lick them once or twice. Just make sure your lips aren,t too wet or it may get a lil messy... If you,re going to kiss her ear, don,t slobber all over it or breathe really heavily. Both are turn-offs. When you,re kissing her, a lot of girls LOVE it when you lightly run your fingers down their spine. It gives them tingles. If they start kissing you harder or wrap their arms tighter around you, you know they liked it. And most importantly, when you,re french kissing your girl, DON,T TRY TO EAT HER!! Your mouth should be open, but not so far that you completely engulf her lips. This is especially a problem when you start kissing her harder and more passionately. Ok, so sorry for the long list, but if you follow these tips, girls will love you for sure.

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