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Turn on tips of Girls ,)
There are normal turn on spots for girls that guys know, but we all know your missing a few. Thes include how you kiss them , when , were and where your hands are positioned -,- We don,t like it when your hands go directly to your but. Surprise her, a big turn on is pressure, say against a wall , have your hands on her hips and gently press till you meet the wall. Then look into her eyes and give her a KILLER smile, and whisper I love you quietly. The kiss her! Cradle and pull her to you close! Most girls like the guys to take control and LOVE some action , DONT pull away from the kiss because she will always think shes done something wrong '( so tips 1) HIPS 2) INSIDE THIGH 3) HANDS 4) KISS HER NECK . ALOTTTT X 5) HOLD HER CLOSE 6) HER BACK 7) HAIR If your a girl and reading this , If your guy isnt doing what you really want, just move slightly, so his hand position move - or move it for him ! 'D x

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