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Get your eye contact right!
Don,t just look away, a lot of girls do this and it,ll put 99% of guys off, you need to catch eye contact, if you are shy it only needs to be for a fraction of a second, to let him know you were looking at him, then keep it up, after 2 or three times he will get the message you want him to approach you and he,ll muster the courage to come and talk to you, but dont do it just once, he will walk rather than take the risk. You can say whole sentances to a guy just with your eyes, looking down with a smile says a LOT, it says I have a serious crush on you and I,m trying to get you to do something about it. With me it,s 90% eyes contact and smiling, a guy with any sense will ignore what your saying regarding flirting, unless you say he,s hot or got a girlfriend, but that,s desperate measures. Just get the looking and smiling right and it,ll work 99.9% of the time, unless he,s not interested of course. If you don,t and try relying on talking and being nice he will probably slip through your fingers!! Guys are dumb, girls are complicated, but your eyes aren,t. Hope that helps.

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