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This game is one of the games i always play with my boyfriend to get his attention (if he's not giving you as much as you want him to) or teasing him. So basically you need to be at a park/backyard/anywhere grassy, & so you just kiss your boyf/girlf like you normally would. Then after a minute or so of kissing... you slowly pull back and walk backwards slowly.. and smile with a bit of cheekiness and say 'come and catch me if you can. If you do you can give me the biggest reward ever.' (hinting that its a huge makeout or kiss) Then you run off and have fun playing chases... then he'll eventually catch you. When he has you in his arms.. obviously he wants to kiss you, but you tease him & pull away. Keep teasing him in anyway as possible which would make him want for more & finally you get the most warmest, sexiest kiss of a lifetime ever. GOODLUCK ~

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