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Push HIM against the wall ( for girls must do to make him CRAZY mad )
Girls : when your at your boyfriends/your house, make sure that you are alone. It makes things better. Everyone says that the guy always pushes the girl onto a wall and that he is always in charge. BUT if YOU want to take charge then while making out/French kissing (it,s best to be standing up for this one) go in front of your boy so he,s back is close to a wall. Then when you want to spice things up a bit then push him onto the wall with a little force while your hands are on his belt hoops. Kiss him harder, put your hands on his neck, face, stroke his hair, touch his chest. Then turn around and rub your butt against him. It will make him CRAZY mad. Keep doing that for a while and then turn back to his face, give him last one kiss and bite his lip. Then while that take his shirt off and go down to his chest and give him little kisses. Then walk away and go to sit on a couch and pretend nothing happened :) trust me, this works, I have tried it and it drove my boy MAD. He couldn,t resist me. So try it with your man ladies : xo

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