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helppppppp me please
Ok here my problem.. Me and my ex have been on off for a year now.. She broke up with me properly and finally about 4weeks ago. I miss her sooo much. I,ve tried calling her txtn but hardly get any response.. She says I have finally pushed her away and she doesn,t even knw if she loves me anymre.. I was heartbroken, she is my world and I rele dnt understand wat goin on. In the past wen we fell out I wud give her a few days space to calm dwn n eventually she wud and we wud make up.. But this time I,ve given her few days space went bk,she was still pissed off, I repeated this another two times.. I,ve asked if there sum1 else she says no there aint, n sed its cz of u I,m like this.. U made me so miserable.. But tbh I,m not sure wat I,ve done.. Ye I had mood swings and didn,t rele appreciate her.. But she rele is my world.. But now she says she hates me.. Lately she been hangin round with a new mate.. And she has become very close to her and I think she has been infulencing my ex not to talk to me.. As her mate went through a similar experince. My ex has recently uploaded pics on fb with sum lad biting her face off, it rele hurt n she has never done that b4, I think it mite be paybk tho cz before she found pics on fb me all ova sum girl with my arm round her n holding her hand.. Nothing happend tho.. My ex is rele annoyed with me atm she won,t talk to me.. Says she doesn,t care or even miss me.. I knw we can still have a future together.. I proper miss her and want my bab girl bk.. Plz give me sum sorta plan. Like a week before she ended things she text me drunk saying i love you and wana be with you your the only one for me baby.. Please help

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