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most girls love to be teased (nicely, no blonde jokes or like tht) compliment them whenever you can, they love it and it shows u care for them and you pay attention to them look into her eyes and tell her shes beutiful, they love it cause when u look strait into their eyes they know u aint lying DO NOT smuther them, you dont have to be with them all the time, let them go out with friends without you, let them do what they want! turn up a little bit late, no more than 5 mins cause then you can appologise and hug her, showing you care that you were late do not go in for the first kiss, let her come to you and when she does pause for a second before you kiss her and look into her eyes with your fingers on her chin and DONT go strait for an open mout kiss, kiss her lips softly and if she wants a french kiss she will come back for more but do not open your mouth 2 much to start with because sometimes she doesnt want to french kiss. when your with her be as close to her as you can, show everyone that she is your girl and when she enters the room stand up and go up to her and hug her and give her a kiss then take her and sit with her, if you are at a party make sure everyone knows shes yours by touching her hand or put your arm round her give her a kiss when shes not expecting it, put your fingers under her chin and push it up softly and kiss her do NOT grab her ass, girls hate it and get pissy when you do it, put your arms around her waist and hold her close to your body if you are walking to meet her and you walk from behind her put your arms around her waist and put your head round and kiss her cheek, lips if she moves her head round to see you and then compliment her let her be with you when your with your friends the basics of a good relationship...

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