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at christmas my parents invite my boyfriend over and whiilst everyone talks and catches up we go and hide in the cubbard under the stairs im 5ft 6 and my head toches the top,we get a board game and the winner gets to kiss u however they like so i was winning and he rolled a six and won so he put his hands on my face came inches from my face and said i love you and he put his necklace on me to say thankyou i leant in bbefore he could and went crazy i practily had him pinned agaist the door we where knocking over boxes standing in buckets,it was hilarious we ended up making out for 3 hours but we only stopped because we could hear someone coming so we acted like we where playing the board game but it was a bit obviouse both our hair was a mess my lip gloss was all over his face and i had several love bites all up my neck and so did he

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