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love ur self before loving him it worked for me
so this is how m story goes i was with t for about 3 months. we broke up twice. the first time he didnt want to deal with drama from his ex girl.the next day at school i got all dressed up and looked my best.his friends were impressed by the way i looked. He got so mad. he didnt tell me but i saw it in his face.that same day i went out with some friends of mine witch are also best friend justin reseved a txt and it was t wondering where was i and with who.out of the blue i see a tall light skinned guy walk in my living room and it was him. He was asking me to get back with him.It took a month for me to get back with him and after three months i fell deep for him so i desided i wanted him to be my first.a week after that he dumped me.Its been two months since the break up and hes targeting my friend.It really hurts me but i havent talked to him ive given him his space n hes given me mine.we talk once in a while n i often catch him looking at me.well three days ago i had a wierd dream about him.The next day he told my bestfriend justin he wanted me back .My point of view is that he just wants to hurt me again .I have learned to love my selfe n its gonna take a lot for him to take me back

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