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GOT' Em bACk!
OkaY..Me And My Ex Were TogethEr 9 months and we broke up..WEll To Me It ActuallY Wasnt A break up ..We Just StoppEd TalkinG!! We Got BacK TogeTher And The Same ThinG happenD he Has AnoTher Gf And..I Still have Feelings For him..I reallY Dont KnOw WhaT to Do..N THe Bad ThinG AbouT It Me and hiS gf Are CooL..She Thought I Didnt Like He Because of him.I Told Her No..Its nothing Like dat..And The OthEr nigHt his COusin TeXt Him Fromm My Phon3 not KnowIng ThAt it Was Her .(i DidNt Know She Had Did) So she was TeXting Him Like It WaS Me AnD..h3 Was Like Me ANd My Gf Gone Do This 2day and she said um... anD hE Said I DOnt Think My GiRl WanT me TextIng Other GiiRLs ShE Was LikE okAy..Then He TeXt BaCk Just KnoW U STill My FrieNd And U BettER beleivE ThaT!!!And SHe Told Him It was h3r..And He Was MAd...he SaiD Man3 I STill Love Dat GiRL ..N All ThaT stuFF..N My Friend Was online At My HOuse E-mailing hiiS Girl BeCAuse They Are CooL..SHe ToLd My Friend That My Ex Told HeR he ReaLly Does Still Love Me ANd His Gf Now TolD him THat she reAllY LovED HeR ex...ANd WE Got BACk TogETheR ...AND Had Our FirSt ChiLd!

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