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The love of my life
Well I,m a 15 year old girl. My name is Jade, and I,m madly in love with My boyfriend. We have talked to each other for about 6 mounths now. only really started going out about a mounth ago, well we told each other we loved each other adn all for a while.His just amazing my whole world. He lives in canada though and i live in australia.Soo its hard but were planning to meet next year :D Just him, the person he is. I love him more then anything in this world. We talk to each other everyday for a fair bit, hearing his voice just makes me go erjifgnsidnfsd Lol. sometimes we just stare at each other thinking the exact same things.If i do not end up going to canada next year then we will meet up in 2011. We would of talked 3 years by then. Well 3 years and a few mounths :P We didn,t ask each other out , i had said to him that i loved him but only when i was going so like ,, byes byes i love youuuu (L)' then he after a while would say bye i lovee you tooo' but then one day his like ramdolmy i love you seroiusly i really do love you. and I was like ohh okk, But before that we said that he would go out with me only after knowing me for 2 mounths. But yea mattty i love you so very much babe. Out story is hevan and I,m lucky to have you. Soo theres my story, my story still is going very strong to this day. I hope By July 26 to be in your arms, and to have my lips on his. Seee youu guys. And yes my good friends know about him, my mother does and my family do just not that were a couple and all that im planning to tell them soon. My mothers the only one in my family that knows about us. But yea guys byes xooxxo I love you matty

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