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Clothes are SO simple! :)
Honestly guys (i,m a girl myself) it is so easy to make the right fashion choices that all girls are attracted to. Step 1. Good shoes. A definate must. Cool trainers are great, and worth spending some cash on. Flip flops are ace in summer, don,t wear when it,s cold though:). DO NOT wear any kind of hiking boots or smart shoes unless it,s a formal date. Step 2. Jeans, Do wear jeans, and especially dark ones, get a few pairs of perfect fit dark jeans, and wear them low slung, but do make sure you are wearing trendy underwear first, CK are good:D DO NOT wear combat trousers please!! Board shorts are good for summer. Step 3. T-shirts, slightly harder. Choose a t-shirt that expresses your interests, ie your favourite bands or sports. Go for tight fitting only if you have half decnt or better muscles.Another great look is a long sleeved plain white t-shirt with a short-sleeved shirt, checked is good, over the top.No shirt is good in summer^^ Step 4. Accessories. Do where belts, ones with cool images or studs are best. Most kinds of jackets and hoodies are find, choose ones to suit your style. body piercings are mostly a nono. Step 5. Hair is up to you, but please don,t just grow it long, if it,s long it has to be styled. Hope that helped, and if all else fails, just smile and hug. You can NEVER hug too much

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