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How To Make The Girl Want You Forever
Guys here are some tips to make a girl want to stay with you forever: 1. Girls are generally either shy or a complete whore so you gotta make the first move. 2. Girls love it when you feel them up and use your tongue. So you can try it anytime. 3. Making out with a girl in front of her friends is unexceptable unless you,ve been going out a long time. 4.NEVER FORCE SEX!!! A girl never wants to be pregnant! It just makes her a disgrace! 5. Ask the one you want out for the same reasons as The Kiss and don,t feel unapprecaited if she can,t ever go out on a date--her parents may not know about the relationship (i.e. dating in secret--this just means she wants you so badly that she,d disobey her parents for you) 6. Make sure that when you kiss you run your hands through her hair and touch her like rubbing the small of her back or rubbbing the back of her thigh (girls love that) use lotsa tongue after a coupla dates and read up on kissing games that,ll make her moan. 7. LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT IS THAT YOU BETTER BE A GOOD KISSER CAUSE YOU,RE READING THIS!!!

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