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Just some tips that are really worth remembering :)
1. Don't call your girlfriend sexy too many times, call her beautiful, girls likke it when they are told that. 2. Don't be too clingy, if you ask her out on a date and she says shes busy, then you ask how bout the next day, and shes still busy, and you ask her out again as shes STILL busy, then let it go, don't keep on at her, she obviously doesn't want to go out, get to know her a bit more and ask again later on in your relastionship. 3. If shes nervous or worrid, take her hand, give her a hug, make her feel that theres no need to be nervous, but don't dothis to much other wise your going to fast, she will feel under pressure and panic. 4. Don't be boring, ask her to random places not the same everything. 5. DO NOT TALK ABOUT YOUR EX!!!! she doesn't want to know honestly, it won't get her jealous it will just make her think your not over your ex and your just using her. 6. Don't constantly talk about yourself. It can get sorta boring you know? 7. have a token that you give her verytime you see her, this can be very romantic, such as a single flower or something as simple as a chocolate it works :). 8. Love her. Love her all the time. Never let your love for her slipp..:D x Hope it helps/works :P x

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