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Confidence continued (4)
Two of the most important peices of the information you got from from my last post, are 1)IS SHE STILL SMILING EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS TURNED AWAY FROM YOU/BROKEN THE EYE CONTACT??? Smiling is an OUTWARD gesture to display inward feelings, people tend not to smile when they know no one is watching, so if she turns away and KEEPS smiling, she almost deffinatly either knows that you're still watching, or is hopeing that you're still watching. You can tell if she's hopeing or knows by the ways she faces, she'll almost never turn completely away from you, most likely remain positioned so that at least her face is visible to you even the slightest bit, and will take more care in her movements so that she'll seem gracefull. This is your cue, read on in confidence continued (5) Keep reading people n_n and deffinatly text me with any questions n_~*

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