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it's all natural if you really love him
when I search, how to 'get him back'..i realized that I did everything right..even before reading the copious amount of info on the net. Why? Because I truly do love him and I love myself. He broke up with me. I am a strong woman though circumstances in my personal life and he hardly being home, I found my life getting sucked out of me as I tried to keep him happy and balance what was going on in my life. We were only together for 8 months. Though..I had to pick up straggling items that I left at his house when I moved out. I moved out with head held high and though broken hearted..I have a full life without him. He just made my life that much sweeter. When I returned to pick up my things, I was my happy go lucky self as I was when I first met him. Though, I loved him so much, I found myself changing my 'style' from a blue jean lady to heels and short skirts (ugh) to keep his interest. I know was just a test to see how far I'd go to keep him happy. It didn't go far, because gradually, I didn't feel like myself anymore and I wasn't liking it. He didn't like the fact that it was so easy for me to make these changes. I realize this now in hindsight. The bottom line is...he was a puppy dog when I picked up my things. It was comfortable, pleasant. I was in and out..and left as if I had a place to be right away. I sensed his curiousity and left it at that. I could be wrong, but my gut is usually right. I love him so much. I've had many relationships but crazy enough, this was the easiest one to 'move on' because I love him. He needs to find his way. I didn't once beg to get him back. I simply let him know how I felt, that I loved him deeply, I have no regrets but life is about self, not about someone else. I told him that finding that special someone to share life with is fantastic and I wished him well in that search. I made sure he understood that he made my life sweeter. I miss him like crazy and we may never talk again. It gives me peace though that I could move on so easily, because he isn't my life..he was just a part of it. This was the first time I felt this way about a man. I would welcome him back in my life..on my terms. He truly was a wonderful man that got cold feet, like most men do that are feeling too close to the woman. It may mean that I will be alone for the rest of my life, as I can't imagine another like him. I'm ok with that. This is something that he just can't compute. I moved forward..with pride and a sense of self. I love him so much that his happiness is important..with..or without me. So ladies..I have no idea if I'll get him back, but I do know that once you can enjoy life as a single person..alone..with when magic happens. When you lest expect it...expect it.

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