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i want him back...
last april after a break up with a guy that he used to piss me off, i've met another guy,actually he saw me somewhere and asked me for the time and he added me on msn..dont asked me how he found me...he had a crush on me and i didnt realized that it was real.i thought that it was some kind of the same boy stuff. i went out with him and we kep on dating for about a week. he was all different from the other guys.he loved me..yes he loved me that fast,he adored me and always giving me compliments but i was a jerk and i was trying to find out a solution to break up because i wanted to be free and on the other hand i didnt want to hurt him as he was very kind.anyways i broke up with him and he kept texting me and cared alot about me but i didnt want him backk but we still remained friends...anyways last month we were talking and he told me his feelings about me and i was touched and told him that im ready to try again but we were busy with our duties and life and we didnt had time to mett and i AGAIN refused the last week he went abroad and i decided that when he'll come back i'll show him my feelings but he met this girl and he fell in love with her... yes a foreigner and the bad thing is that shes coming for him next december...and he's all in love..i found love comments on his facebook and i was so dissapointed and of course jealous...i loved him secretly and i really want him trying to show him but i think he's not realizing...

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