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~ For Justyna, Intemidating. ~
Okay, so. I was with a previous boyfriend. And, here's how it all happened; -.- We were in the pool, and I was in the corner of the pool, while my Boyfriend, cousin, and a couple of friend's were playing basketball in the middle. I was just sitting there, watching. And my cousin yells 'Hey, dude, if you make this, you have to go make out with your girlfriend.' I was nervous, I didn't wanna make out with my bf, infront of my cousin.. Hm, odd. But anyways, he makes it (of course.) He goes over to me, pushes me up against the pool wall. And kisses me, so deeply, and shockingly, I most definitely wasen't expecting it to be that great. He ran his hand, through my hair. And when we were about done, he put his hand on the side of my face, and slowly, released the kiss. I will never forget it. -.- I hate you Justyna, Yes it's about Andrew

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