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With Love
blessed with a long strong relationship i've learned a few things. First thing is that kisses are unique to us. we all have do's and don'ts, and things we like/dislike. i don't like it when my BF sucks my lip... he loves it. he hates being teased... not in the nice way either he actually got pissed off... but it drives me wild. just accept that no matter how many comments you read on here... unless your love is reading them too... and you choose the same one to follow, your 1st kiss will be pants, and thats ok! very very few people have a successful first kiss... and even fewer have a successful first kiss if they go in all guns blazing. Take your time... you don't have to look like the kissers on TV they're choreographed!! between shots some man tilted their heads a bit more and moved their hands then shouted Action again! just do what feels right... don't respond to what you don't like, and respond to the things you do to teach your partner how to give you a stellar smooch without having an awkward talk after you pull away. whatever you're happy with is fine, and if you picked a partner worth having, you'll have plenty of time to experiment as slow as you both want. if (s)he dumps you, lets face it, (s)he's a knob and wasn't worth the bother. hope this helps you live long and prosper!

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