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First kiss for guys!
your first kiss will show you how your relationship wi.ll be..short and sweet=short and sweet rlationship. horny kiss=horny make it THE ONE kiss follow these tips: #1 dont be drunk and stoned #2 make sure its the ryt sex/person u want to kiss now the instructions to help you make the first kiss PERFECT: #1: make sure you are stiing next to her. an example fo this would be stiing on the couch watching a thriller movie. #2a: if she likes scary movies: pretend to yawn strech your arms up high and then back down resting ur arm on the back of the couch...and slowly slide ur arm onto her shoulder. #2b: if she doesnt like scary movies: ask her if the movie is scary for her..and she smiles and pretends uits not..put ur arm around her..and tell hjer if shes scared ur there for her. #3: whisper in her ear..sumthing really quietly..such as r u enjoying this? #4 she will look at u nd say what did u say? #5: ur eyes will be staring at each other...lean forward and take the plunge :) she will love it. i guarentee it!!!

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