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making a kiss hott (for both guys and girls)
from my experience, the best kisses are ones that are long, wet, passionate, and fun. i hope this tip or tips will help you add some spice to your kiss. 1)tease tip- let your lips brush softly, as he/she goes in for the kiss, gently and slowly pull back. if you do it to fast they might think you dont want to be kissed, so i reccomend you and your partner should be holding onto each other while doing this(hand, around the neck, waist, ect). also smile, having a hard face is a turn off, even if you nervous. and make sure to make eye contact after this. 2)going in- while a tease can make him/her want you more, make sure after that you clearly take control and let them know what you are really after. so kiss them with your mouth parted and start the rythm of the kiss, which should turn quickly into 'making out' 3)keeping it long and strong/frenching- from this point if you want 'more' then my suggestion is to arouse a french kiss. you can do this in 1 of 2 ways. the first way is easiest, if you have frenched before then gently put your tongue in there mouth, or prepare for there tongue to be in your mouth. if you havent frenched this person before, then i dont suggest going all out, and putting your whole tongue in there mouth right away (unless you know they will go with it). start by just barely putting your tongue out of your mouth and slightly on there lips. if they pull back then stop. if they dont do anything then try venturing your tongue just a little bit further in. and from there if they still dont pull back you can lightly lick there lips keeping with the 'rythm' of the kiss. 4)just keep going- if your enjoying the kiss, chances are your partner is to. if you feel comfortable with it, you can make it last as long as you want, or until they pull back. 5)pulling back- pull back gently, not to fast. make eye contact after the kiss. hope that helped =)

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