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First Date Tips!!! (Girlys Only!)
Dressing When you are on your first date u should wear a very dressy outfit like (ex: Long church dress). Then he will LOVE YOU AND BE LIKE WOW!!!!! You must also lift your dress up a little and show some thigh, he will be very pleased by your outgoingness. Your man then will ask you out! Ive done this tip and it worked! He totally thought i was HOTTT!!!!!!! Kissing When having your first kiss with your special someone, u should probably make him kiss u first so like if u have braces then u dont hurt him. But u drop something bend over and make sure your butt is out and let him look. He will be very pleased. (Trust Me). Then u got your first kiss! Hugging You should run up to him and just hug him and whisper in his ear I LOVE YOU! Hope he says it bak or ull be left in the dark. but it should work ive done it before. All of this i said ive done is not true! I have higher standards and dont do all of this lame crap i just said! LOL have fun working your first dates and hope some of my tips actually work!!!

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