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love is a battlefield
Fights, women sometimes wont talk because they are pissed about something and will only discuss it if u ask them. men talk alot when they are pissed, and if they are very pissed off, they will leave rather than throw punches. lots of men dont wanna become the abusive mate, thats why they walk away mad. Best way to deal with it, is let it go, dont argue on the same topic over and over again. u will only jus make them mad, and that doesnt help anything. Jus let them solve it on their own time within the year. sometimes people are busy when there is lots of work to do. annoyin them wont help that task get done. also what helps is to leave it writing reminder notes, so they wont have to argue with u face to face. Let some time for both of them to cool off from bein angry and then talk to them calmly but keep it short and to the point on your talk. usually a cool headed mind is better than an overworked angry mind. honestly, RR.

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