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- Advice i wish id gotten -
- If they ask for space then honour it, constant texting and phoning only pushes them away more. It is difficult but keep busy and it goes faster - If they have asked for space and you havent given it to them, then sit back and realise that whatever you are going to say wont make a difference. They arent in the correct mind frame to hear it at the moment. So give it a few days. - Talk to people about it. Venting helps!! - Dont go checking their facebook/myspace etc, it only drives you crazy. If you do end up checking it then realise that they are probably using it to try and make you jealous and are aware that you will go on it. - Watch their behaviour in the time you are apart. If they go out getting with other people then they are probably doing it to make you jealous. Finally, each situation is different. You know the person, you probably have an idea what is going through their head. They know what makes you tick, so they will probably go out and try to make you jealous. But then you have to think if they are worth it? If you mean a lot to them then they will come round eventually. Its only then you have to consider everything and whether you are meant to be together.

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