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a way to make a girl instanly have a connection with you..
im a girl so guys listen up!!! all you have to do.. no matter who you are or what you look like... you have to have a good personality.. first of all.. second make her laugh... girls love it when you make them laugh.. third dont be a dick... fourth when you talk to her make it seem like you are really listening.. she will feel like you two connect on a different level than any other guys she has met before...and that is a HUGE turn on... she will feel like you two are ment for eachother.. no matter who you are.. she cant resist...i promise... even if you are the biggest nerd or whatever.. if your personality is wack than she wont give you the time of always have a good personality and BE FUNNY..FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY... thats the key to a girls heart... have a smile on your face... girls dont like to see guys in a pissy mood all the time... dont be overly into THEM... try to make it seem like your interested but still have other options... that will make her kinda jealous and she will start tryin to get closer to you.... it will you kind of a break from all that exhaustion lol.. if you have a talent like playing a instrument... singing...uh something like that show her.... she will be impressed... but before you show her make sure its perfected dont want to be embarrassed do you? and if you are bad at what you said you were good at it will make her feel embarrassed to... so only show her your talents if you are actually good at them... if your at school or work.. or in a more personal environment let her ask for your number first.. but if your in a club or a bar or a store then the guy should ask for the number first... girls might like a guy that they meet in a club/bar or a store but they usually wont ask for a number because they feel that they dont have a connection with them yet... so thats a reason why guys should ask for a number in that setting but if you meet in school work or a more personal setting let the girl ask for the number... because in a personal setting they are more likely to have had a connection and they would want your number.. if they dont ask for your number its because they aren't interested or they are really shy... if they are too shy to ask and you no that they really like you than its ok to ask for thier number...... i no its so complicated but thats how girls are... try to put yourself in a girls shoes and try to find out how they feel.. it will help you get in touch with your feminine side and it will attract girls to you more... remember...(((when you talk to her make her feel like you two connect on a different level than any other guy has ever connected with her before...and make her laugh))))

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