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Tip For Guys
When kissing a girl, don't be forceful. Maybe let her take the lead and you just learn what she likes by what she does. Be gentle Be observant of her body language. There are always little signs that can help you know what she likes or dislikes Signs she likes it: -she'll take a deep breath and grip you a little tighter or kiss you more passionately -if you can feel her smiling, you're obviously doing something right -she'll try to get you to do it again by repeating the same action she did when you did it the first time Signs she doesn't like it: -she might push you away a little -starts to do something else -and of course the most obvious, she will just stop kissing you and possibly even complain --there are many more signs, but you have to learn how to figure them out for yourself-- Don't make her feel uncomfortable or pressured to go farther.

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