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Empowered or Ensnared?
As your relationship with your distant love blossoms and as the revelations about events from each of your lives unfold, these revelations can have the affect of giving you a false sense of security. Yes, you are sharing and possibly barring your souls, but on the chance your far away love is not being sincere, these revelations may be made in a sense of empowering you ~ giving you the feeling you truly are your distant loves soul mate and they would be lost without you. And as warming to your heart these feelings can be, your thoughts should also gravitate to how someone so far can end up relying upon you when no one even within their same zip code can have this affect. Of course, being optimistic is a good quality, but one needs to be realistic too… Imagine being told by your soul mate they have been living a life of partying and other unmentionables, but when they met you they gave all of that up… All of that is completely out of their system and spending time with you is all they want to do… You are the type of person to keep them in check ~ you are their soul mate… Well, one can only hope this is true and everything centered on your particular relationship supports it. On the other hand, if you combine these thoughts with what may actually be happening in your long distance relationship – no face to face meetings, extraordinary events to account for long separations, or things that tweak your inner voice and prompt you to ask your certain someone tough questions, time and time again. All of the things which should make you question what you are doing and how this far away relationship can be all that it is cracked up to be. The illusion of reality can be easily blurred once your certain someone knows what buttons to push… Be wary. Have you truly been empowered, or ensnared by what your far away love wants you to believe ~ what you want to be true?

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