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3 good tips for a healthy relationship
Girls are pretty complex if you havent noticed. so here are a few tips that i would have for my boyfriend and any other guy in this world wanting a lasting relationship with a girl: 1) Lets talk about physical stuff. It is stereotyped that all guys want is sex and all girls want is flowers and chocolate. WRONG! Girls want sex just as much as guys, if not more. But most girls resist sex until they see that the guy is rly committed to them. they dont want to have sex with someone that only wants them for sex. i mean, what if the girl got pregnant? would she rather be pregnant with someone she loves or some horn dog guy? girls like u to act like guys. they want you 2 do little things like slip by 'accident' and touch them. they like you 2 hold them close and they can feel your stomach get tight. they like your hands on their low hip(almost touching their butt.) we like intimate kisses too. slow and romantic. i HATE tongue but thats just me. also...hugs are amazing. when you hug a girl, dont rub their back. the longer you hug, the more they feel that you love them and they love you. its like you never want to let them go. 2)girls dont like guys cussing all the time. maybe once ever so often you say d*** or s***. but never say b**** or f***. its rly not attractive. 3)we like to feel we are more special than any other girl you dated before. thats why girls like flowers and chocolates and songs written for them. so DONT REPEAT ALL OF THE SAME ROMANTIC STUFF WITH EVERY GIRL YOU DATE!!! we like to feel different and special to you. 4) if a girl constantly ask you to stop something and they arent laughing when they say it, they mean it. for example...i had a boyfriend once that was awesome and perfect for me BUT i had to break up with him. see, he did gay immpressions in every sentence he said. and he wore surfer shirts that was unbuttoned on the top and showed where a girls cleavage would be. i couldnt stand it and buttoned up his shirts allllllll the time but he just unbuttoned them again. i asked him 2 stop his gay jokes. it got to a point where they werent funny and i rolled my eyes at them,. so if that happends, try to fix it.

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