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Sunset Kissing (for guys)
Try this, honestly. I'm a girl, so I know what I'm saying. This is called The Sunset Kiss. Nearly every girl dreams of having an amazing kiss while watching the sunset with her prince charming (that'd be you, Mr.Boyfriend). Heres the perfect way to fulfill your girlfriend's fantasy. So, you're sitting next to your girlfriend as you both watch the beautiful sunset. You keep thinking to yourself....Damn I want to kiss her so bad.'s where you got to listen up.. Lean over and whisper in her ear, 'The sunset is so pretty, isn't it babe?' When she says, 'Yes,' ask her...'You know what else is pretty?' When she says either no or something else...Turn her head gently and look directly into her eyes and whisper, 'You.' Look down at her lips and lean in a little bit, moving one hand up her back until you reach the back of her head and hold it there. While you leave the other around her waist. Now, gently open your mouth so she knows it will be an open-mouthed kiss and then slowly began to kiss her, tease her tongue with yours and then draw away when she gets too into it. Kiss her quickly and softly twice on the lips and rub her back slowly. Tell her you love her and then cuddle for a while..

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