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No Follow Through
If your long distance partner continually fails to follow through whether it be sending you letters, missed travel opportunities, to making scheduled calls out your way, these are all subtle warning signs… Sure, things can happen occasionally, but if you're deeply in Love, you may miss that your partner has consistently failed to follow through on a number of things – things you would have never accepted had your partner been local. You may get in the habit of making excuses for them, or accept the most trivial to even the most outlandish explanations why a certain thing has happened – all because of this great distance. Being in love is wonderful, but it can blind you to the most glaring warnings that are right before your eyes. See the warnings for what they are. If someone has continually let you down and flowers their explanations repeatedly, then you melt and accept it whole heartedly, you may find yourself perpetuating a very unhealthy situation. Be strong and step outside of your situation and think how you would react if you knew someone else was getting treated this way. Would you encourage them to stay?

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