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I let go of him...and i was stupid
i Broke up with my ex, because, i got scared of commitment...i mean I was fourteen, and i got scared he was the only one Id be with till the end of time...i screwed up... damn it...then he tried winning me back, and i said yes, but I wasn't giving him the right attention...i wasnt showing him that i loved him...then he broke up with me...and then again...i went to him and told him i loved him...then we were together again...but someone else asked me out...and i said yes...i ended up cheating on was my fault so i confessed and then left him...I was stupid damn it... I realized that i still do love him...and i miss everything about him... I regret every single thing i did to him... ...but he's with someone else already... so uh, here's the tip: 1. Show him that you love him, i mean, make he knows you love him.... 2. Spend time with him, and make sure you dont show him boredom. 3. Dont assume that he's cheating on you...because he's just going to be annoyed.and he's going to get mad. 4. Treat him like your best friend, go to him and tell him some of your problems...even if he doesnt help.. ... Im the worst person ever...

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