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trust your higher power
my b/f and I broke up yet every day we talk or see each other.. he says love you to me after every phone call or viist. yet he says were broken up and just friends. he does come to my rescue and i come to his when in need.we started dating after he had a breakup with a lont of years relationship.i think i was the rebound girl he jusat came to care NOT surew if its love but he does care. recently i relized a light bulb went off in my head...JUST STOP .... TALKING ABOUT US , TELLING HIM YOU MISS HIM , LOVE HIM , AND JUST LET YOUR HIGHER POWER TAKE OVE!! NOW i KNOW THIS IS EASY TO SAY AND VERY HARD TO DO BUT IF IT IS MENT TO BE IT WILL!!AND IF NOT IT WONT!! there is nothing you will be able to do or say to get someone you love back if they dont want to be there. if someone wants to tobe with you they will find time thier not busy or afraid or shy ect... think about it when you want to see A friend /family or lover DONT YOU ALWAYS FIND THE TIME? it is the same with a relationship.. I kNOW i HAVE DONE ALL THE THINGS ANYONE ELSE HAS BECAUSE i WAS HURT . SAD, MISSED HIM SO MUCH.. BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS REALITY AND WE SOMETIMES HAVE TO FACE IT EVEN WHEN WE DONT WANT TO. and sometimes there are happy endings.... so stay strong and true to yourself!! CALL SOMEONE WHO REALY DOES WANT YOUR COMPANY AND ENJOY THE GREAT POSITIVE THINGS ABOUT YOU.. IF YOUR EX SEES YOU MOVEING ON AND THEY REALY DONT WANT TO LOSE YOU THEY'LL BE BACK AND THEN YOU MIGHT SAY NO YOU NEVER KNOW after someone hurts you so much what you'll do.. GOOD luck and trust your higher power... he knows what the plan is for you all long just listen to him ...

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