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the cover up gone bad!
my cheat and i thought that being caught text flirtting could be covered up,you see my cheat was cheated on once before by the guy she's still with and told me not to admitt to sex because the wife will truly never forgive. we tryed to explain to my wife that the texting was as far as it went with us. but my wife soon smelled a rat. when my cheat started to email her that it was mosly me flirting and and i must be haveing trouble with our relationship because he was flirting me! well this made her think of all my wrong doings to her over the last 18 years..aaarrrggg.. i cant say i didnt mess up. i am now knee deep in counselling that is bringing up our past sex life,news to me (she didnt like it either)you see she is a conservitve in bed and im a liberal .now the afair is more about me screwing up our sex for atleast 10 years that she held inside. im 2weeks on my own(at moms)no monney and asked to not have contact with her till she calls me. i never thought the afair was going to lead so painfuly and deep!i never cry but the tears that i have wont stop..devistating for her and me .my tip, not that its worth much is LOVE THE ONE UR WHITH....and counsell befor you cheat!

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