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What to do when ur talking
while talking to him, make eye contact, then look away, then look back, and smile like its the best conversation ever. but only do this a couple times, or else he'll think ur looking away becuz u dont think he looks good or something. also,smile a lot. and make sure u have a breath mint before u talk to him, or else your breath might scare him away.also, FLAUNT your best features, like, okay. Let's pretend u have nice eyes. So, while he's looking at u, rub your eye and he'll look at them then, and he'll notice how nice your eyes are!!! and, leave him habging. if it's a really nice conversation, u be the first to walk away! find the spot where u think it's best to stop talking, walk away and say 'it was nice talkin to ya, but i got to go now'. it will leave him dying for more, and chances are he'll want to talk to u the next day!!

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