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What girls love!!!
I am a girl, and I know that there is almost nothing we love more then just to be listened to. We want you to look us in the eyes and actually listen and and care about what we have to say. We are usually serious and mean what we say. Girls also love it when you can talk to them about your feelings, and just be yourself. Seriously. Posing to be something or someone your not is a huge turn-off. We love it when you tickle us! (even when we tell you to stop we don't want you to!!!) There is a certain extent to it; but do it for a couple of minutes, and when you're done tickling her, just hold her in your gives us a sense of comfort and it makes us feel like we are actually cared for. And actually do care! And then the number one thing we love is cuddling. If the girl you like is shivering or says she's cold just snuggle with her. If she says she's tired, let her lay down on you, or, even better; if you're sitting on a couch and she says that she's tired, lay down, and then pull her down next to you, and just cuddle her. We love that more then ANYTHING! Seriously!!!! I hope this was some good advice to some of you kiddos out there!

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