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Before you decide to spend hundreds of dollars of the next families money, waste hundreds of hours of the next girl's time, take the next girl's virginity when you don't even care whose it is, take her heart, all of it, put her under your spell, to break it to millions of pieces, not listen to her, barely make much of an effort, not even try to communicate with her, and last but not least probably disassociate yourself with her completely and shit talk her to the next girls like she was some crazy girl and that she set herself up (which I assume will be the next steps in this not-so relationship) or completely convince yourself that the relationship didn't happen, not learn from your mistakes, and act like you were barely friends... stop and realize that she is better then that. And that you are a monster, a peccant monster. Thanks for everything. It's nice to know I was entertaining enough to pass your time for more then a sleep over. How's it feel to break a sixteen year old girl's heart? Awesome I hope, because other then that, I don't understand why you would.

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