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a guaranteed-to-work fist kiss tip for guys.
Okay, so, guys, to do this, you have to make the girl mad. Like, get her arguing with you. If she starts yelling, yell back. Then, once shes 'good and mad', step closer and say (or yell) 'You know what i just realized?' she will mast likely say something along the lines of, 'what?' at what point you say, 'You are the most beautiful person I've ever met, and (pause) I think I'm going to kiss you...' Then, before she has a chance to say anything, close in the space between the two of you, cup the sides of her face with BOTH your hands and kiss her softly on the lips. Don't feel pressured to make-out or anything like that, just a simple kiss. then, pull away and take a deep breath in and exhale towards her neck (but not obviously). then ask her if you can kiss her again, this time take one of her hands and hold it to your face, and with the other, brush your fingertips up and down her other arm. just be sure you aren't pushing her. you don't have to make-out on your first kiss. it can be just as 'erotic' or whatever if it's just a simple kiss.

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