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Be bold, fun, and flirty!
Guys are turned on by girls who are really comfortable around them, and who are bold and daring and take risks - guys love girls who can make them laugh and who always laugh themselves. (But know when the right moment is to laugh, or else you'll look creepy) Once, my crush was sitting with his friend behind me and my friend on the bus. We were all talking and fooling around, and he kept kicking the back of my seat just to annoy me. Everytime he did, I turned around and laughed but told him to stop, but he kept doing it. Finally, I was drinking from a water bottle and he kicked my seat again. I turned around so fast that the water splashed everywhere and hit my crush right in the face! We all were laughing so hard. It was an accident, but he didn't believe me and dumped water on me back. Two days later, he asked me out! Lesson learned: be flirty, fun, and daring! And especially be playful. It turns guys on.

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