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Peer Pressure..the pick-up lines..WOWWW!!!
This may come off kind of harsh buht if yhur man keeps asking you to have sex after yhutld him to wait then 98% says that hes a dog. some men also say that stupid line that some girls actually fall for when the girl is supposely in love but does not want to have sex. They say,'if yhu really luv mii youd giv it up'.....when they say that donn't listen to that non-sense just say that,'if yhu luved me yhu would wait.They wanted a pick-up line to use on us so just turn the tables. I good man,i think would say ,'i'll wait as long as you want me to.When a boy said this to me i was so stunned.But then i thought wto myself and said that he probably thinks that it's not gonna be that long until i say yes take me .He was saying I'll wait as long as you wnt me to buht really he was saying it probably want be long.sO WHICHEVER WAY IT goes us ladiiz are lost.Players can get uds qif we decside to just give it up.

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