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If you are heartbroken read this
No break up is easy.Either if YOU decided to break up with your partner or HE did,it is still hard for both of you.Try to forgive yourself for all the mistakes you've done and also try to forgive him as well.Spend some time alone,to put the pieces together,to justify all the things that went wrong,to clear up your feelings.Don't rush to find a next boyfriend.It will only make matters worse.Only when everything is clear in your mind,how you feel about him,how you feel about your mistakes,what went wrong ,go out,have some fun and forget all about him.For some people,it takes only a few minutes.For others,it takes months,even years.Don't worry though.One day,you will wake up in the morning and realize it is over.You won't feel the pain anymore.You won't be angry or upset.You will have forgiven both of you.Though,it is important not to forget,the fact that you have forgiven him doesn't mean that you should give him a second chance.Forgive but never forget.

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