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Am I in love?
I always think about him and I've dreamed about us getting married and he's about 4 years older than me but I caught him looking at me a couple times when I was at his house visiting his sister (my BFF) and I try to make him laugh and he makes me laugh and when we were playing with his new playstation 3 I said I thought I knew what to do just so that I could feel the soft touch of his fingers.. am I in love? or do I just have a crush? And I don't call him because he doesn't like talking on the phone but I hear songs that make me think of him and I email him on his Nintendo Wii . I think I love this man and I wanna spend the rest of my life with him and he looks so handsome in his glasses (which my friend made me put on) and my other friend was sitting next to him and I pulled her out of his room and asked her 'Are you trying to steal my boyfriend?!' and the ironic thing is that he's NOT my boyfriend! I feel like I need to keep telling this computer stuff so that I know how I feel! I just want to run into his arms every time I see him and his eyes make me want to kiss him and I want to hold his hand to feel his soft touch, and I want him to hug me so I can feel the strength of his muscles! I want him to know how much I feel about him and think about him! and I want my friend to know that I might marry him in future so that she knows I'll never ditch her for him!

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