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old school gentleman
k so when i make out i make sure to utilize 3 things. Place her chin in the palm of your hand. if you move your head up and down insync with your palm it gets a nice rythm going and that helps add to the fun. After chin, make sure to run your hands through her hair for a little bit. Don't give her the tounge straight off. Play with hers when she gives it to you, then suprise her with yours later. also with the other hand that is not on chin or hair duty, hold the small of her back for extra closeness. Mid makeout, pull away just far enough that she stretches her neck out all the way to reach you, hint, good oppurtunity to land a quick peck and then work on her fully exposed neck. THE MEGA TURNER ONER Step one, chose a short chick. Step two, start making out Step three, put both hands on her back, just above her butt. Step four, lave your fingers together, and place them at the bottom of her butt, and life her off the ground.

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