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aa For toung verjons
This is the eazyest way to start out frenckin. ok first make shor u r in a quiet along location, a party is not a good spot, be along because this is between u and your girl and no one else. Just start off by puttin your arm around her (you should be sitting down)just talk about her day and stuff like that. but just look in her eyes and slowly go in for a kiss and when your lips meet just hold it for like 1 second and slowly open your mouth just a little. If she responds then you no you r doing good. when u r ready slow peek ur toung threw your teeth but just enough to let her no u want to if she responds she will slowly tuch her toung with yours then you should slowly rubb your toung aginst her. it helps to make out a few times just to get a feel for ur girl. but the bestest advices is just be cool and layed back when you start you will no what to do every body dose. i remeber was 13 im 14 now but i was so nervas my first time but when we started i new exactly what to do and you will to dont worry. And lastly make sure you really like the girl and your not just trying to get it over with because you will regret it in the long run. and plus there nuthin better then maken out with a girl you really like.

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