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I've been there
I've been with my boyfriend 8 years. One year ago he cheated on me and to this day it still hurts me. I know how hard it is to let go when someone cheats, but if you really love that person, it makes it a little easier. I know he cares about me and I know he hates himself a little for what he did. You just have to tell yourself it was their mistake. Unless you know you did something to hurt your relationship DON'T BLAME YOURSELF! I did at first, I knew I must have done something to push him away that he had to go to someone else for comfort. He said he never had sex with her and I have to believe him. If they open up and cry and tell you something, not because it's what you wanted to hear, but because it is true, you have to believe it. If they want to fix things with you let it out in the open. If you know that person at all, the way they talk about moving forward, or asking forgiveness will show you how honest they are. Just be sure to let them know that breaking your heart again will be the end of it. If they truely want forgiveness they'll know it can't happen again, and it shouldn't if they know how much they've hurt you

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