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Dead beat
If the ex has moved on, you have to move on too! I just got dumped by my boyfriend of 1.5 years. I thought he still had feelings for me but that it was obvious our personalities clashed way too much. I wanted to work things out, but he abruptly dumped me and refused to attempt fixing things one last time. He even started dating my enemy. What an asshole! But did I sit there in tears? No! Ok well, I won't lie - I cried in bed for 3 days. But then, I thought 'Enough is enough. Who is he to make me this sad anyway?!' So, I got out, got my hair done, got a pedicure, a manicure, a massage, and eventually some hot dates! Now, when my ex sees me, he smiles a sad smile and asks my friends how I'm doing all the time - So my advice: Don't waste your time on trying to get him back, you'll look even more pathetic. If he dumped you and he said it was over, consider it OVER. You might get back together sometime in the future, but don't sit there waiting for it. Spend your time on falling back in love with yourself and someone else will too! Then you'll realize you were with a dead beat anyway!

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