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Break the Typical Girl rules
Don't be like every other girl he talks to. Give him variey so he doesn't get bored. They like to get something different and unique. And once they figure out what it is about you, they'll want more and more. The guy I talk to all the time is my friend's cousin and we talk on aim. I just be completely myself and don't try to follow what other girls are telling me to do. Like, I said i love drawing, and he said why, and i said well it's like mowing the lawn cuz the only thing your thinking about is mowing, he said so drawing is like my face? (lol), and i said um, what? (well i knew what he meant, i just didn't want to say something that comes off as obsessed), and he said, well, idk, your just supposed to say yes. And he pretty much loves talking to me (my friend told me that he told her that i'm unique and different from other girls and that i'm so cool and stuff :)) So just being different is good.

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