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If he dumped you once then HE WILL DO IT AGAIN!!!
When my ex left me I was devestated at first but then I stopped contacting him, made my self look hot,changed my myspace profile pic so he could see how hot I looked, and I would always smile at him if we ever bumped into each other. After a month he came back to me and said he was sorry and that he missed me and all. Ofcourse I took him back ONLY to find out 2 weeks later that he dumped me AGAIN!!!! My advice to all girls out there that hope thier ex will come back: 'MOVE ON AND FORGET ABOUT HIM'...if he dumped you once, it shows that he cared less about you and if he does come back it's only because he is 'BORED'...A GUY THAT TRULY CARES ABOUT YOU WILL NEVER EVER LET GO OF YOU BECAUSE IN HIS EYES U R PERFECT & HE WILL NOT RISK THE CHANCE OF A LIFE TIME TO 'LOOSE YOU' move on and tell your self that you deserve someone that 'TRULY CARES ABOUT YOU'...............GOODLUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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