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Going Steady
Going Steady means to take a break if you are seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend a lot and they ask you to 'go steady' it usually means to take some time alone,if you are going out with somebody online, and it felt like the person was rushing into things declaring their love for you when you've never met them you should nicley ask them to 'go steady' and get to know them first, it doesnt hurt to be friends before going out. it actually improves your relationship! if the person you are going out with doesnt want to go steady and are trying to force you to do things you should leave that relationship. --for example-- this internet relationship betty:i think i like you bob, really like you bob:ok betty: will you go out with me? bob:yes betty:cool, where abouts do you live so i can come visit? bob:london you? betty:ohio betty: ive got to go though, love ya xxx this kind of relationship isnt genuine, the person 'betty' is just looking for someone to go out with as you can tell she has only just asked 'bob' out and she has already said i love you, which most teens do just because they are going out with somebody. in my eyes i believe you should only say i love you if you really mean it, not just because your going out with somebody, hope this helped the other going steady articles didnt really make sence so i hope this did!! Ella x

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