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What happens out of town, stays out of town.
With the internet and cell phones, cheating is going to be so easy and right in your face constantly. If your partner is one to travel often (or even not often, like conventions a few times a year) they will find it lonely to spend those nights at different hotels and nothing familiar for comfort. I dated a man who was on the road ever other week. I found out that for three years he used the internet to set up escorts, swing dates, or just internet dates in most of the cities he traveled to regularly. The first sign was finding his dating ad still on one of the many web sites he used. The second sign was avoiding me when he got home from a trip, saying he was to tired, (which he only did when feeling guilty, also he would disappear for an evening or two - non-contactable while gone). Third sign, he put in new condoms in his travel bag (there was an old one in there when we started dating). Fourth sign, the box of originally 12 condoms was down to 6 ... we never used them since he was fixed. He told me his 14 year old daughters must have stolen some ... hmmmm? I broke up with him, we got back together since I had no real proof. Fifth sign, finding suspicious things in his suitcase from his return. He never wanted me to help him pack or unpack for a trip after that. Sixth sign, getting extremely jealous and accusing me of having another boyfriend on new years eve, when I got a call, on my cell, on new years eve, wishing me well, at 7 PM from an old high school friend who was visiting in town ... the guilt had finally gotten to him. Seventh sign ... in neon lights ... I goggled his internet user name and came up with written reviews he had posted online, for the Escorts he had used over the years, along with new profiles and blogs he had set up in several swing and hook up sites. I was already done with him ... but I now had my tangible proof! Like I said the internet makes it extremely convenient!

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